• Brandon Plantz

The Truth About Teleprompters

One easy way to make your corporate executives look great is to hire a teleprompter operator when you hire a video production team. A teleprompter is a game changer for performances.

When booking a video shoot, it often seems a professional teleprompter is a luxury or an unneeded expense. Especially when the executive / on-camera "talent" proclaims, "Oh, I'll just memorize the script." The truth is: They won't memorize it and your company will spend more money by unnecessarily using the executives' time. That's the real value of the teleprompter. It makes the shoot so much smoother timewise.

Also, the performance is better because they're not trying to make it up or remember it as the camera rolls. This makes the experience a lot more pleasant for the talent and company's team that booked the shoot.

A few other teleprompter related notes: Not all prompter software are equal. In fact, most software / prompter apps are buggy and problematic. They work fine right until you're about to shoot and then it inevitably has problems. So, if you're going to run prompter yourself, be sure to do many test runs (and updates) ahead of time. And know that the automated / voice activated kind still have a lot of issues too.

Bottom line: Adding a professional teleprompter operator to your San Diego video production is a wise use of time and budget.

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