• Brandon Plantz

The Perfect Location for Your Corporate Video

One of the challenges on any corporate video shoot is figuring out the optimal spot within the office space to film your video. Here's some tips to how to decide:

- For an executive, if you can shoot in their office, that would be ideal. They'll feel most at ease there (which makes the video better) and the office's décor will personalize the message.

- If you can't film in your on-screen talent's office, choose a room that is extremely large. Think a boardroom, corporate meeting space, or some sort of large area where people gather. The reason for this is that a professional video production team will want to position the on-screen talent far away from walls and perhaps utilize a window to incorporate

natural light.

- Another key attribute of a great location to film your video is a place that is quiet. The lease amount of ambient sound the better. Examples: a room without any echo, a space far from the coffee break area, and out of hearing range from cars and gardeners.

Ultimately, you want a room that aesthetically matches and enhances your video's messaging. Thus, making filming a pleasant and problem-free production.

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