• Brandon Plantz

Remixing Your Corporate Content.

Lookin' for a way to kick-off 2022? Remix your corporate photos and videos into something new!  

If your company has been using a professional corporate videographer and photographer over the past years and you have a collection of videos and photos -- from events, employee meetings, corporate headshots, and company gatherings  -- you could hire a video production professional in San Diego to create a new work of "corporate art" by remixing (i.e.: reediting) your content.

To do this, submit your videos and photos from the year to San Diego Corporate video and we'll work with you to create a concept and vision for a remixed video utilizing your existing footage and photos.  We'll add music, graphics, and a voice over to make a professional video montage.

This recycled / revived / reedited video doesn't have to only be for new years kick-off videos.  You could do this for company anniversaries, retirement parties, and simply to celebrate accomplished goals.  

An added benefit of going this route: Saving money!  It will be a lot cheaper to edit a video from existing material as opposed to hiring someone to go out and shoot new material.  In addition, this is an easy way to generate more content for your social media channels. 

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